Provide a better user experience in your venue.

The platform that provides insights into how people interact with their physical environment.

Provide a better user experience in your venue.

The platform that provides insights into how people interact with their physical environment.

Analytics for physical spaces

Venues are built with outcomes in mind, but there is little that shows how well a space is performing, or what effects a change has on those who use the space. Using elegant, lightweight IoT devices, Gretel provides meaningful analytics around movement, timing, and behavioural patterns. The platform enables you to make decisions to improve effectiveness, engagement, and the user experience of your venue.

Learn how your venue is used.

Where do people go

The first step to solving a problem is understanding. Our system provides insight into where people are going. By viewing heatmaps and paths superimposed over your venues’ floorplan, you can see where popular areas are, and areas that are underutilised. You can use detailed realtime data to see where everyone is, potentially identifying overcrowded areas to assign more resources to, or quiet areas to redirect resources from.

What do people do

View analytics that show what people are spending their time doing within your venue. See how long people are spending in each area, or view detailed information about which objects they are engaging with. Use Gretel’s behaviour flow graph to see choices people made about where to go next. Select a date and replay how visitors moved within your space. Gain retrospective insights, such as behaviour patterns during emergencies, or realtime responses to social media marketing.

How did people act

Have you conducted a fire drill and want to watch how each individual behaved? Want to see how people behaved during an important event such as an opening night? View what has previously happened within your venue via the replay features. Easily skip back or forwards to see how people used your venue during specific times and get a greater understanding of what has really been happening.

And much more

This is only a fraction of Gretel’s capabilities. There are many more features that can be utilised, such as drilling down to anonymised information about a single user, and demographic splits to see how specific types of users behave. We take feature requests that enable us to build the product you want and need.

Who uses Gretel Analytics?

LiveTiles aims to provide the most flexible engaging and enjoyable workplace experience to our staff. As part of this we are always looking at how our office space is setup and can be improved for different purposes. We believe that in doing so we will drive the most productivity of our employees while also focusing on their general health and well-being. The Gretel Analytics platform provides us with deep insights into the use of our physical space. Understanding how our space is used, how our staff interact with each other, and where in the office they do that in, means that we have the understanding we need to ensure we can deliver the best possible workplace we can. We believe that focusing on our employees’ general health and well-being will mean they will be more productive and engaged day-to-day. We have found the Gretel platform very easy to use and it was up and running in short time. We are very excited about the future direction of the platform.

- Simon Tyrrell, LiveTiles Chief Product Officer

Easy to use, easy to integrate.

For the non-technical

Easy to use dashboard.
Ever evolving feature list.
Generate reports to make informed decisions.
Conduct effective A/B testing.
Track and manage assets and human resource.

For the developer

Easy to use API.
Integrate with your own systems.
Automate report generation.
Custom webhooks.

How can it be used?

Aged Care

Gretel Analytics provides transparency & risk mitigation solutions in aged care. Loved ones can find peace of mind, and ensure that vulnerable family members are enjoying the quality of life they deserve. For the vulnerable in aged care, their data is their voice. With Gretel Analytics, a new level of care and assurance is now available.


Using the Gretel platform, offices can see how employees are interacting with their space and each other throughout the day. Find out whether or not social gatherings are working or if changing the floor plan improves socialising. Test if the foosball table actually results in increased productivity.


The Gretel platform allows museums to see what visitors are doing, what they’re looking at, and for how long. See what exhibitions are working well, and which are not. See where people are in real time, what zones are overcrowded, dead areas of a venue, and more. How long are people standing in front of your interpretive signage? How do different types of groups of visitors behave? Gretel can show you.

Emergency Drills

Incident based tracking provides life saving information about how the people in your building respond under pressure in the case of emergency drills. Easily replay data about where people moved, how long it took, and bottleneck areas, to see problem points or faults in your emergency plans.


Asset tracking within trolleys or baskets give supermarkets the advantage of detailed insights into user behaviour. Placement performance is no longer anecdotal or assumed, using Gretel’s ability to easily perform A/B testing and compare how well changes within a supermarket perform. Learn what your customers need, how they shop, and what works for them.


Hospitals that integrate Gretel within their premises can monitor staff by their role, and obtain a clear picture as to where human resources are being allocated in real time, and over time. In emergency incidents, staff members can be quickly identified and allocated based on their role and proximity to the incident. Patterns of over or under-staffing can be established and managed, and predictive learnings can inform rosters and staff loads.


Have peace of mind knowing where and how students are behaving in class. Learn how students are moving, who they are interacting with, and what parts of a school aren’t being used as much as they should. Easily see isolated students and ‘at risk’ behaviour between students. In the case of an emergency, identify those within proximity of risk, and where potential threats may be, based on traffic flow.


There are many more applicable scenarios that the Gretel platform can cater for. If you’re unsure if Gretel is the right solution for your venue, let’s chat.

Start exploring potential in your facility today.