enabling people to take better care of other people

enabling people to take better care of other people

Tailored observation

We use sensors to gather highly accurate interaction and location data in aged care facilities. Our software enables risk mitigation and hazard identification, through real time alerts and temporal analytics.

  • comprehensive contact tracing
  • accountability of care
  • dementia wandering, aggression and fall alerts
  • peace of mind for families and loved ones

Contact tracing

Gretel gathers high resolution (30cm accurate) location and interaction data on every person within the aged care environment, including consumers, staff and visitors. This enables us to map and analyse interaction data for the purposes of infection control to an unprecedented degree. 

Facilities can trace back through temporal data to identify a list of everyone who has come within proximity of an individual on site, over any period of time. We also provide individual heatmaps and movement pathways for targeted cleaning and minimisation of infection risk.

Connectivity for family

We’ve created a system aimed at reconnecting families with their loved ones in aged care facilities. The Gretel app reveals real time location, a zone trail to show activity throughout the day, and interaction data reflecting socialisation behaviours.

Geofencing for dementia

Our system enables tailored geofencing for the safe keeping of dementia consumers. Alerts can be sent to family or the facility care staff as soon as a consumer has moved from a safe zone. Our system enables dignity driven intervention, removing required confinement.

Easy to use, easy to integrate.

For the non-technical

Easy to use dashboard.
Ever evolving feature list.
Generate reports to make informed decisions.
Conduct effective A/B testing.
Track and manage assets and human resource.

For the developer

Easy to use API.
Integrate with your own systems.
Automate report generation.
Custom webhooks.

Start exploring potential in your facility today.